Friday, June 29, 2012

I love summer!!!!

Great gift idea:   Magnet Board

I am a camp leader for 12-15 year olds for part of the summer!! Here is a fun project we are doing at camp.  These make handy gifts for friends and a great activity for you or your teens to create!

 You will need: 
  • 20 guage sheet metal cut to size. Mine is 9x12. I had a metal company cut mine.( I needed 100 boards all the same size so they started with sheets of 4'x12'. )You can find it already cut in many different sizes at Lowes. 
  • To drill holes you need a drill press and a drill bit (I had a friend do it the size of a regular hole punch)
  • Gel or Modge Podge and brush
  • Your favorite ephemera or scrapbook paper  (I used a 12x12 cut to size)
  • a favorite piece of ribbon or tulle
  •  Breyer

Let's get started!!!

Wash the piece of metal with some vinegar to get any rust or grime off.  Dry thorougly.

Cut your paper to fit the size of the metal.

Spread a thin layer of gel on the metal.  Not too thick.

Match up the paper to the corners. Smooth it with hand and use your breyer, start from the middle and roll away from the center.

 I like to have a damp washcloth here to pick up any excess so my breyer and paper stay clean. Roll and press for a couple of minutes

 Let dry. (10-15 min)  Then push a sharp pencil through your metal holes so the paper gets a hole.  Brush an even layer of gel over the paper to give it some protection.  Let that dry for an hour or so.

Next get your ribbon put through the holes to hang it.  Add some cute magnets and insirational mementos and.... VOILA!
You have a magnet board!   ENJOY!

Happy Summer!



  1. Deb I love your sweet little magnet board and I think you are quite adorable in your braids! Cute family photograph!

  2. You ARE darling in your braids with your sweet family! I love your ephemera on the magnet board! So cute!