Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Book

I really enjoy Altering books and using them as Art Journals.  I always thought it would be great to use an altered book as a guest sign in book for a wedding.  So when my daughter became engaged I had the perfect opportunity to make one.  For weeks I procrastinated and searched for ideas.  Sometimes the hardest part of a project is taking the first step and just getting started.  So finally after weeks of trying to come up with the perfect idea I just had to get started.

I found the perfect book at a used book store near me. the color, size, and title, In Our Image, worked well.  For the cover I used scrapbook paper, piano music, ledger paper and old book pages.  I used a photo of the bride and groom and framed it with buttons.  On the inside of the cover and the back I attached some ribbon so the book could be tied shut.

On the inside of the book I glued two pages together with gel medium then covered them with masking tape and then painted them with gesso. So the book wouldn't be too thick I cut out about two thirds of all the pages.  To cover the inside pages I used alot of paint, fabric, trims, papers and photos of the bride and groom.  There was plenty of room for people to sign.

I was happy how the book turned out.  I wish I hadn't procrastinated making it, because I was finishing it the night before the wedding and just didn't have the time to do all the things I wanted. 

I hope you enjoy.



  1. This is a beautiful keepsake! A lovely idea for almost any altered book --- I'm thinking a guest book for a family cottage or retreat...

  2. gorgeous photos of the two of them, i bet everyone loved to sign in..

  3. What a wonderful idea Sherry and such a beautiful keepsake for your daughter!

  4. What a wonderful idea Sherry and such a beautiful keepsake for your daughter!

  5. Great idea sherri! Maddie's getting married in august and you inspired me to get started!!