Friday, June 15, 2012


As a young girl I made myself a promise that I would write in my journal daily. It did not matter how long or the content as long as I wrote a little something about each day. Through the years I have kept several journals making note of my life, but honestly, they seemed a little boring. 

That was until I discovered that there was such a thing as "art journaling." I was thrilled to learn that I could incorporate paper, paint, glue, and ink all on one page creating something that was interesting to see and very fun to do.

Thank goodness for the internet and blogging. I was able to follow several artists and learn of classes that were being taught. One of my favorite artists is Pam Garrison. Her art speaks to me. I was beyond ecstatic when I was able to take a 2 day art journaling class with her in Malibu, California.

Here is a picture of me.............I know you think that looks like my beautiful friend Lorraine Lewis - and of course, it is...........but if you look REALLY close to the left you will see my nose and my hands - thats me! Can I tell you how excited I was to see me on Pam Garrisons Blog! It made my day!!! And especially that I was with Lorraine! 

Pam had several of her personal journals there for us to look through. I felt so inspired just holding her books. The wheels in my head were spinning and I couldn't wait to get busy making my own art journal. 

(picture from Pam Garrison Blog)

I started with a piece of canvas, some gel medium and a paintbrush. 

I gathered from some of my favorite papers, images and sayings from my drawer of collected papers.

I simply collaged them onto the piece of canvas.

After the glue had completely dried, I sewed a piece of fabric on the backside of the collaged canvas, for the inside cover to my journal.

I used some silk ribbon to tie my journal pages into the cover so I can easily add more as I go.

It was so much fun to make and very relaxing. I am absolutely in love with “art journaling.” It is a perfect way for me to write my thoughts - and not be bored :)

Me with my son Maxwell
Diana Camomile Peck -


  1. My girls just starting doing a "smash book". They enjoy it, but I know they would like this even better!

  2. I love the snippet of your profile! Hehehe! Totally giggled about the "look REALLY close to the left". Thanks for sharing!

  3. i have seen some of your amazing art journals and love your style!