Thursday, December 20, 2012


I seek to find peace and solace.
(Love Shack)

I find great comfort in making things with my hands.
(handmade wire garland with vintage ornaments)
Note: Thankyou Stephanie Lee for your online Off The Chain Class :)
I find joy in creating simple things I treasure.

(handmade ornament of my mother)

(back of ornament)
I long for moments of peace and quiet.

Handmade bead Christmas tree 

I feel blessed.
Thrift store glass house - filled with vintage ornaments
Note: Abode is my favorite place for vintage finds

I hope your holiday season is filled with love and peace.

Diana Camomile Peck

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


     One of my favorite Christmas traditions was when a best friend of my dad's would come dressed as Santa, to our Christmas eve party. we loved hearing him tell stories of how he remembered my dad when he was a young boy. I have a cherished picture of my dad sitting next to him just a few years ago.
My dad looks especially happy with Santa! So sad to lose him in October!

  Here are some other Santa pictures I absolutely adore.


     I'd love to hear about some of your Christmas traditions or things you remember about Santa Claus! One of my mom's fondest memories was when she got up out of bed one year to see Santa putting gifts under the tree! How exciting is that?! Now tell us some of yours!!!