Monday, July 2, 2012



I suppose my love for collecting rocks began when one of my children handed me a tiny heart shaped rock. I was fascinated with what nature had so perfectly created. Thus began the search for finding heart shaped rocks.  

I couldn’t help but notice there are beautiful rocks everywhere and our children wanted to collect them, but that could be a problem. So as a family, we decided to find one rock “the perfect rock” to bring home as a reminder of our vacation. We clean the rock and write with permanent marker the details of our vacation. We love to look back through our collection of rocks which hold our family memories.

Since my family knows I collect heart rocks my sweet niece Annie found a large “perfect” heart shaped rock and gave it to me. My husband was in the process of building me an art studio which I affectionately call the “Love Shack.” I couldn’t think of a better place to treasure the heart rock Annie gave me, so my husband incorporated it in the foundation of the Love Shack. 

A great craft idea to do with your family for this 4thof July is gather smooth river rocks. Clean and dry them. Paint the tops with white paint and decoupage patriotic images on the top. I found most of my images in magazines. Add a final layer of decoupage medium over the top of the rock and allow to dry. 

I hope you enjoy looking for the “perfect” rock with your families.  It is a great way to spend time together that is very affordable and will always be treasured. 



  1. What wonderful creative ideas! I have a similar passion for little woodsy findings - acorns, sticks, nuts (shagbark hickory nuts are especially fragrant - found out this morning!), even tree fungus. I use them a lot in my collages and for decoration in my miniature buildings. Right now I have a little red wagon full of forest stuff, waiting patiently for use.

    1. Thanks so much! I love your idea of a little red wagon to hold your collections. I think I will be looking for one now! Have a great day!

  2. Love this! I too have a fascination for rocks! They don't even have to be gem type, I just love smooth ones or especially heart shaped! I once found a rock that looks JUST like the mother Mary with baby Jesus. I keep thinking I'll try to auction it off on eBay. LOL Also, I think I have the exact same box you have your rocks in, on my coffee table. Great minds think alike!!!

    1. I agree! Great minds think alike! And I agree with Emily - WHAT?????????I HAVE TO SEE THAT ROCK!!!!!!!! XO

  3. Diana - you are a cutie. I love rocks! I love the idea of writing memories on them!

    Shannon!!! WHAT????? I HAVE TO SEE THAT ROCK!!!!

  4. Such a cute idea Diana. We are going to the beach this week with all the kids- this will be so fun to do! xo