Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's a clip-art give-a-way!!!

 In keeping with our tool and supply spotlights, today is clip-art wednesday!
I'll be showing you some ways I like to use clip-art in my mixed media pieces.

The best part about clip-art is that you can enlarge or reduce the images to fit your needs, and use the same image multiple times!  I have books from which I simply copy & print with my scanner/copier, and also books that come with a printable CD, which is super easy and very convenient.

I not only use clip-art for backgrounds, but also for the focal image as well, such as in the piece below. I paint, draw, and layer other paper images over the clip-art for depth and interest.

Clip-art in the form of line drawings, and especially the old engraved type clip-art from the turn of last century, are my favorites.  I love the look! The black lines don't take away from the other elements in my artwork.  I like my clip-art to fade into the background just a little bit.

Adding a wash of paint helps to blend the clip-art into the other background elements.

Try copying the clip-art images onto a nice beige-colored sheet of newsprint sketchbook paper.  It matches the vintage book papers (also another favorite of mine) perfectly.

 I have a packet of some of my favorite clip-art images for one lucky winner. 
Leave a comment and tell us how you use clip-art! 
I'll be picking a winner at random next Friday, July 6th!  

Warmest wishes!


  1. I use clip-art all the time; my favorites are vintage since they're so very versatile - think Steampunk-altered. I got some inspiration from seeing your post today, Marilyn, so I believe I'll get a new project or two going! My newest miniature building, The Red Chair Coffee Shop, could use some mini-art...

  2. I use clip art a fair amount in my journals! and used it al the time in round robin projects. Its a go to when I am feeling stuck!! As you know I love your art and how you incorporate CA into your work. :)

  3. I use clip art for making cards, for printing on fabric and making tags. I love what you have done! Thank you for the inspiration :D

  4. Heather! Congrats!! You are my winner! Thank you for posting :)