Friday, June 22, 2012

iPhoneography (My Favorite Apps)

I am in love with iPhoneography.  Head over heals in love!   
What is iPhoneography...
I am so happy you asked!  
According to Foto Rhetoric, iPhoneography
" is the capturing, editing, and processing of photographic images with Apple iPhone devices (including iPad and iPod Touch) and within the App Ecology developed by and for those devices. It is a photographic practice with a defined technographic medium (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) that imposes its own set of boundaries that we can explore creatively, artistically, and culturally."

The art and technology of iPhone photography is truly amazing.
I love the simplicity with the results of beautiful photography.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my Cannon 7D but  the reality of me carrying the heavy load of a camera and several lenses is not always convenient. The small size of the iPhone and the ability to edit your photographs with one tool makes it all so wonderful.  Did I tell you I was in love with iPhoneograpy!  
Most of us carry our phones with us wherever we go.  The camera on the phone is such a wonderful bonus allowing us to capture sweet moments throughout the day.  It's also a useful tool in allowing us to photograph our art giving us a different perspective of our work.   iPhoneography is a beautiful & useful form of art and expression.  With that said, I share with you a few of my favorite iPhone photography apps.
Be prepared to fall in love!

Scratch Cam
Wonderful textures and scratches to add to your images!

Magic Hour
Magic Hour is an app that can change your ordinary photographs to extraordinary ones!

Retro Camera
This is such a fun app and very simple to use.

Doublexposure allows you to combine two images.  So simple and fun.  I created a background of text behind my painting!

Like Doublexposure, Duomatic allows you to combine two images.  Another painting I added book text to. 

With over 100 effects, textures and frames Picfx is your go to square format photography app <3

And for the love of sharing...Instagram.  Over 15 million people use Instagram!  Amazing.

There are so many, many different photography apps to choose from and many of them are FREE!  If you have an iPhone try one out.  You might just fall in love. Check out this LINK for 30 more iPhone apps.  
For my next post- what to do with those sweet pics you take!!!

xo Lorraine
(me and my sweetie)


  1. Yay Lorraine - awesome post!! There are a couple on here that I don't have, so I'll go check them out. Your photos are beautiful!! xoxo

  2. i thought i recognized that sweet art in this post! xoxo

  3. I need a class! I love ALL of those examples...but only have Instagram. Thanks for all the ideas! I'm excited for your next post!

  4. this is so cool, Lorraine! I feel the same way about my big, heavy camera vs. my iPhone. I am inspired!

  5. Thanks Lorraine! I love your photos, all of them :D
    Gorgeous....I can't wait to play! Thanks for this wonderful inspiring post...

  6. Oh man - I need an IPhone! What great information and beautiful pics.

  7. I wonder what apps I can do on a Droid? Great images Lorraine!! very ispiring!!

  8. Looks like you are having a blast with all those apps. I especially love the picture of the sheep!

  9. Thank you for the mini-tutorial on photo apps! Love it !

  10. Oh how I love my iphone apps Magic Hour is great as is Hipstamatic i also love foto muse thanks for sharing your photos