Monday, June 11, 2012

Easy-Peasy Collage Book

By Lori Gardner

I LOVE these little notes from The Paper Source. Great colors and they have envelopes that match. I opened my “notes” drawer and out spilled these 4 colors and ta-da they ended up in a little book.

Pull out your “smash” pile and some pretty ribbons, buttons, and old jewelry.  Start by punching a hole in the top all aligned.  Then glue, sew, layer, etc.  Finish up by tying a smart little bow to hold the book together.  It would make a sweet little hostess gift or tag or inspiration book.

My blog "This is me" is under construction. I hope you will visit me when it is up to snuff.


  1. such a sweet little book dear lori! i love this simple idea!

  2. darling shape for a sweet book.
    your link to your blog didn't work...
    i hope it is coming along beautifully.