Monday, June 18, 2012

Get ready, get set, get organized!

I have recently been building a craft studio. For awhile I have been collecting unusual containers that  have a vintage/not plastic look, to store some of my favorite items in .

 here are some great "mini" print trays for storing small findings, bits of chain and bling.

Here is a small shadowbox used to hold my vintage doll parts.

I decided if I was going to get started on any projects, I had better find a way to keep my tools handy, decorative, and organized.  So with the help of my darling husband, I built a container for my tools.  

Containers and spindles

assembled together and.....
Just add tools and ta-da! A dandy way to keep your tools tidy and handy!

What creative ideas have you used to organize your art stuff ?  Leave a comment and let us know!

 XOXO, Shannon
 My darling husband with my sweet aunt Maretta.


  1. I always use old glass frogs ( for flower arranging) to hold my headpins. just remember to put them on a coaster pr small plate since the holes go all the way through & you couldn't pick them up otherwise! love your tool caddy, great idea :D

  2. I love the mini trays! I love my big print tray for organizing all of my beads and findings by color, shapes, etc. Organization makes me so happy.

  3. agree...that tool caddy is dandy, I never think to hang tools off things.
    love your usage of the printer trays for your smalls.
    and of course, I would never think to use plastic either for my art supplies.

    well, okay, I do have some rolling plastic, but one day they will be gone.
    (when the craft room is finished, craft room is 4' deep right now, no organizing going on for me, just SORTING like crazy for a big yard sale).

  4. oooh it would be fun to look through your treasures!
    wonderful way to set up a tool caddy.

  5. Shannon your trays are such a fun way to organize and display your fun treasures. They look amazing too!

  6. you have quite the COOL collection of vintage stuff for organizing!