Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nourishing your Inner Child

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  ~Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973, Spanish Painter and Sculptor
As children, we are naturally born more intuitive and more creative.  As we get older and journey this life, we somehow loose our innocence and optimistic playful side.  It chips away slowly as we face the storms that come our way.  To be a child was a life filled with magic and crayons- the simpilist things brought us joy.  We laughed and played and everything amazed us!  We made mud monsters and snow angels.  We danced in the downspouts to feel the pounding of the rain like a drum on our heads.  We cut and pasted, colored and painted like little Picasso's without fear of what others would think.  How amazing was that simple joy as a child?  The beauty of it is, that within each of us is that child. It is not very far removed from the raw soul.  Like a flowering bud in pause, it waits to bloom into it's complete wholeness!  
Are you a flowering bud in pause or do you nurture that sweet inner child that makes you whole?  What do you do to be creative and playful to realease your inner child?  I LOVE to paint!  It truly makes me happy.  I love that there are so many women who are coneccted with their inner child and that they share their creative hearts.  
My daughter's and I have been taking Mindy Lacefield's online Paint Your Story class.  Do you know Mindy?  You might know her as Timssally.  Well she is as cute as a button and amazingly talented!  

Her art is so very sweet and endearing
and she is a wonderful teacher.

My daughter's and I LOVED this class.  

Mindy encouraged us to mark and scribble and doodle our hearts into our art.
(from my daughter Brookie)

She reminded us to be playful like a child.

(Chalk drawings by my girls who are Mother's themselves, played with the neighborhood kids and created chalk drawings)


Mindy reminded us to use our imiginations and to be creative just like the days of our youth!

My friend Jackie's "deer girl"

So much goodness was shared by all who participated!

A sweet painting "a boy and his boat" by Susie LaFond

A sweet "snooter" created by Juliette Crane
Check out Juliette's online classes.
She paints the sweetest little characters. 

It is the simple joys of childhood that make our hearts happy and nourish that inner child that is within us.  I encourage you to find these simple joys.  To be playful and creative like the days of your youth.  The more consideration and nourishment you give to your inner child, the happier your life will be! (pinkie promise!)

Remember, you are never to big to play with paper dolls!
(one of my paintings turned into a paper doll)

Feel free to download her and dress her up!


xo Lorraine


  1. Such a darling paper doll Lorraine! I wish I had a little girl to dress it up and give it to :(... one of the reasons I love teaching kids so much is everything you talked about. They are so uninhibited and there is so much enthusiasm and imagination in what they create. It's too bad we turn into adults, huh?!

  2. love love love love love!!!!!

    the sidewalk art is so incredible and the doodle pages ... ALL. OF. IT.

    Mindy is a true gift to this world .... someone i am so grateful to call my friend.

    how fun to do this with your kiddlies!!!!


  3. What a great post, Lorraine! So true!! I LOVE your paperdoll - I played with paperdolls constantly when I was little! Thank you so much for including my Deer Girl in your post - it's an honor!!

  4. I love this post and your gorgeous paper doll! Thank you for sharing, so sweet! Your daughter's chalk drawings are so fun and expressive! All the other art is so unique and wonderful~ I love how we each can find our own style! Mindy did a great job showing us how to find our own symbols and make the art our own~

    Hubby decided to redo the FROG(furnished room over garage) and I'm putting my art stuff back in tonight!~ I can't wait to play catch up~

    Great post Lorraine :D

  5. Your paper doll is sooooo cute! What a wonderful post. I love how much this course has helped us get in touch with our inner child!

  6. I love your post! So much fun. Now I am inspired to go and paint! Such a fun post with so much creative energy! XOXO

  7. so sweet to see all of this work...and such an incredible class with mindy! thank you for all of the inspiration! xo juliette

  8. Beautiful post. You and your art is so inspiring. Love it.

  9. Love! It was fun to watch you and Courtney doodle while at art group! Thanks for showing so many fun artists and what they created! Great!

  10. FUN inspiration!! Maybe we need a doodling class?
    xoxo, Shannon

  11. love this post Lorraine, your photos are amazing. I love the paper doll, it is still hanging on my inspiration wall.

  12. I have not heard of this artist before. Thanks for sharing! I think I will go draw on my walls right now! lol xo