Monday, May 14, 2012

Lampshade Revamped

      This past year we bought a new house and we recently started building me a craft room. My husband, the electrician has been wiring me in some holes for light fixtures. As we were figuring out what lighting I would need, we came up with 16 different light fixtures, in order for me not to have standard florescent lighting. In the meantime I’ve been collecting various other items, and keeping my eye out for creative ways to make funky light fixtures.
     I LOVE vintage! Rusty, lacy, jewels, chippy paint etc. I’m always  looking  for creative ways to store my art supplies. A while back, I had the pleasure of taking a soldering class from Terri Brush at the lovely Lorraine Lewis’ house in Layton, UT. While at Lorraine's house, a bunch of us ladies went to a darling store called Just A Bed Of Roses. I bought this Rusty stand that works great for storing old linens and lace.
I also love the allure of vintage bowls with laces spilling over the brim!
      Recently,  I had the pleasure of riding up to a women’s retreat in Huntsville, UT with my friend so I asked her if we could PLEASE go to Just A Bed Of Roses since I rarely get up north. She kindly obliged. While I was there I found this darling vintage lamp shade base.
I decided it would look wonderful decorated with some of my special laces and trims!
                                         Here’s how I did it-

          If your shade will fit under the presser foot of your machine you can just fold over your lace on the under side and stitch it together. If your shade wont fit under your foot then you’ll have to stitch it by hand. Just pick various scraps of lace, trims, beads, old keys, millinery flowers and either stitch, glue gun, or wire them on, and this is what you end up with for a finished project.

          XOXO & hope you're having a delightful spring! Shannon Porter


  1. That turned out awesome! Yeah for you and Yeah for Just a Bed of Roses!!!

  2. I love the rusty stand you store your lace trims in Shannon- great idea. There is always something wonderful to find at Brenda"s store! Have fun this week at your art retreat!

  3. Thanks Em & Lorraine! Have fun at your art retreat too Lorraine!

  4. well, who would of thought to stack vintage linens in a rusty birdcage!
    The thrill of the hunt to create something unique can be one of the best activities we do, right?
    Thanks always for stopping in, we love it when you do.

  5. I love the name of the shop and your creative touches. The shade is pretty; I also love the birdcage being used to hold vintage linens! How exciting a new studio...hope you will share with us, when it is done :D Thank you for the inspiration~

  6. What a great idea. I love the way the lace looks with the metal. Very creative!

  7. I want to come and see your studio! It looks like you are having a blast decorating. What fun ideas!