Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paper Flower May Wreath Tutorial

Last week at art group we brought unfinished projects to work on.  I am the joke of art group lately because I always bring my paper flower wreath!  Everyone will be thrilled to learn that I've finally finished it!  

This beautiful wreath is fun to make (it just takes some time).  To make one, you will need: 

a styrofoam wreath form (mine is 14") 
3 old books (make sure they are the same size and not thin.  The three books will have different patinas on their pages and that will make your wreath more visually interesting)
glue gun
ribbon for hanging (optional)

When I started making my wreath, Sherri was making one too and it was interesting to see how different they turned out.  Sherri's flowers were all the same size and color and hers turned out SO beautifully symmetrical and mine is more organic because all my flowers are different sizes and I used different papers.  Whatever suits your taste and personality.  

1.  Pull out 2 or 3 pages in one of the books.  Cut out 2 ovalish shapes.  This will make two flowers.  My ovals are NOT perfect!  If you want your wreath more like Sherri's, use an oval pattern for every time you cut out a flower so they'll all be the same.  You should also make sure you use the same number of papers every time if you want it more uniform.  My flowers are bigger and smaller because of the amount of paper I was using (more paper=bigger flower; less paper=smaller flower).

2.  Now cut a spiral pattern in your oval.  It should look like this when you're done.

3.  This part is a little tricky so pay attention!  Just kidding.  No really--pay attention because I did this wrong a million times before I figured out the magic way.  Taking the outside of your spiral, start winding it toward the outside and to the left and as it gets bigger, use your right thumb and pointy finger to hold it on the top and bottom (to keep it's shape).  Now, I'm assuming if you're left-handed you do the opposite (anyone left-handed leave a comment if that works or not please!).  

4.  Keep winding until you just have that curly-q tail at the end and put some hot glue in the center.  Let it dry for a few seconds, then put a little glue on the tail to finish the flower off.

5.  Next, glue the flower in place on your wreath.  I found that if you work in clumps all over the wreath it turns out better.  Also, remember you are using three different papers so don't put them all in just one place.  It will look stripey (is that a word?).

6.  When you are finished, tie a beautiful ribbon around your wreath and hang it on your door, over your fireplace, or somewhere on your walls!

Thanks for hanging out with us at art group today.  I would love to hear how your wreath works out and love even more to see pictures! 

Happy May Day




  1. This wreath is amazing Amanda! Love it!

  2. The wreath turned out gorgeous, I love the beautiful ribbon that it hangs from.
    Hugs and Happy May day,

  3. I can't believe how beautiful that wreath is! I WANT one! Right now! And - if you are the kind of friend I think you are .... it will be hanging on one of my paint peeling front doors when I wake up in the morning. THANKS! Great pictures by the way!

  4. amanda it's so beautiful- i love it! You too!

  5. So glad to hear it finished!!! It looks great and I love the ribbon you chose!!

  6. Amanda, whoa this is major stuff going on here with this beautiful wreath. tons of time, but its just fantastic, it will have to be an heirloom.
    If you ever have a minute I would love to learn how to make a paper flower, cant seem to do one without having it personally shown.
    Maybe I could get a wreath made if I made one flower a day as a goal! lol!

    1. What? Are you dissing my detailed instructions??:) I won't be able to sleep tonight if you can't make one. Maybe I'll have to make a stop at your lovely store the next time I'm up there! Lorraine and Candice have wonderful things to say about it!

    2. Did you really just use the word "dissing" know you are a middle aged mother right???? hehehehehe

    3. I'm coming to your house amanda.
      since you cant sleep and all.

      oh, I forgot, I don't know where you live. cancel that idea.

  7. Wow Amanda it turned out great! I like it better than mine, mine is too uniform no character.

  8. I love your wreath and I happy that you finally finished it! I will miss seeing you making flowers and hot glueing at all of our events. xo

  9. I so want to try this! It is stunning~ Thank you for sharing :D

  10. Yes! You finished it! It was worth all the time and effort. I am seriously drooling at this moment. Loved your post!

  11. This is so awesome! I might have to pick up some old books at the thrift store and get to work.