Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Winner of the Art Kit

It was so encouraging and inspiring to hear  why others need to create.  If you get a chance go back and read what others wrote.  As artists, we are all on this journey together and who knows maybe we will once meet and create together.

the winner is Ella

This is what she wrote.........

I need to create art to breath. If I tuck it away or don't do it, I feel like a piece of me is lost in translation. My family doesn't get it, but it is okay... I was born with colored finger prints, lolWhen I create my heART sings and my soul dances in the joy of letting myself be free! It is our birth right to find what makes us sing and jump for joy each day~

Thinking of my mother, and my grandmother today.

Happy Mothers Day----

Ella please send me your home address at, and I will send you your gift.

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  1. Happy Mother's Day Candice! I love the photo of your Mom. She is beautiful~ I miss my grandmothers. Both of them taught me different things~

    My day was different, but nice...this really made my day, more than you know! Thank you so much~