Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Favorite Tool Tuesday

Hi Art Groupies!  Today is the beginning of a monthly post we're calling Favorite Tool Tuesday (or Wednesday or whatever day it happens to be).

What are your favorite art tools?  One of ours is a cool white paint stick called "Meanstreak" by Sharpie.  It's waterproof, dries fast, and is a great alternative to using white paint.  It almost feels like an oil stick.

Here are some examples of what I've used it on:
I used it on the bigger areas--the small white detail is a gel pen.
I like to use it in journaling!
Here is a bigger view...

What are your favorite art tools?  Have you used this one in any of your art?  We will be choosing one random art groupie to win a Sharpie Meanstreak!  Leave us a comment!

Happy day to you!


  1. I would definately love to try the meanstreak!! I have used a paint marker, but I like Sharpies. Hope I win an I love your blog. thank you

  2. I've got to get one of those, we have chalkboard plates for pricing groups of the same stuff in the store and chalk does not work good, Joni keeps telling me to see if there is some kind of marker like paint...and here it is!
    great idea! neat uses for art too.

  3. I am excited to try that Amanda! great job on your blog! Love your art!

  4. I love your post. I will for sure be purchasing a mean streak. Do you have a favorite artist you follow for your journals?? xo

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  6. Amazing pages Amanda. Where do you buy the markers?

  7. Thanks Amanda, for sharing! Your art is stunning...yes, I think we all could use a meanstreak in our work ;D

  8. I love your journal pages! How inspiring! Where do you find this pen?

    1. Sandra you can find them on Amazon! I haven't seen them in any stores yet.