Wednesday, August 8, 2012



I really wanted to share some creative juices in my post today.  But, I have a slight problem... my juices aren't flowing!  Early in July, I left for my first cruise to Alaska.  A gift from a dear, sweet, generous aunt - you want to join my family, don't you???  We (my husband and I) spent a week totally unplugged from phones, internet, computers, news.  It was bliss.  I didn't realize how "on" I was all of the time.  It felt good - a little too good!  I really wanted to take some amazing pictures and find some great local art to share.  But, I was so relaxed that I took very few pictures and just enjoyed the time with my husband.  It was the first time we have left our children, other than a quick weekend trip, in 17 years!  I was home for a short time, and then left for an annual "girl" trip with my aunts and cousins.  What a relaxing week of visiting, eating, watching movies, basking in the sun.  The best part - it is a week of hearing how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are, how amazing your children are,  it's like a yearly drug for my soul.  I need that week.  I rely on those women to boost my spirits.  How fortunate am I?  Very fortunate.  I'm telling you - if you don't have a group of good, kind, giving females in your life - GET ONE!  So, you see my dilemma with the juices.  I've been too busy being lazy and relaxed to get my juices flowing!

So, for my post today I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite artists.  Rodney White.

His art is amazing, and I love the messages within them.  I actually bought this piece for my Harley Davidson crazed husband.

Some of my other favorites are:

 Here is a video that I love!  Enjoy and make sure to visit Rodney's website!

Thanks for visiting!
A couple of youngsters in the Yukon!


  1. Thanx for inspiring me this morning Emily!

  2. Oh, wow!! I love his work now, too! Thanks Emily.

  3. enJOY I use to live in is beautiful!
    I love his art; thank you for sharing...
    I hope you n' your hubby have a wonderful time :D