Monday, August 27, 2012

Bits and Pieces Challenge

My studio is a mess right now.  My desk is covered with the remains of my last projects.  It's so bad there is no way I'd post a picture here. 
Don't they say a cluttered desk is a sign of a creative mind? 
That's what I tell myself anyway.
Several years ago when I was designing for Autumn Leaves, I created a scrapbook page for them that is still one of my favorites. I had decided to challenge myself to use only what I had laying on my desk. You know...the bits and pieces of other projects. 
Here is what I came up with.

Wow, I had fun! I had old book pages, printed tissue, watercolored papers, stamped images, an old painted stencil, discarded paper cuttings...The trick to making it all come together is to stick with just a few colors...too many and it gets scattered looking.  Also, give the crazy pieces some boundaries to stay within.  See how I created the borders?  Using a black and white photo helped keep the piece from becoming too over-powering.

I would LOVE to see some of yours!! Post a link!
warm wishes,

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  1. That's one of my fav pages I've seen you do, Marilyn :) I've taken that challenge before--especially in scrapbooking. I find I don't buy so much paper and stuff if I make myself use what I have!