Monday, August 6, 2012


Every six months, our Art Group chooses one of us to be the acting "President" of the group.  Our responsibility is to plan and organize what we will do together for the upcoming months. I happen to be the "President" at the moment (a term I use lightly):) With this responsibility I have felt a bit of pressure because all of the women in this group are extremely talented in their own rights, and it feels a bit uneasy for me to be the one planning our events. 
I have been looking for ideas of things we can make that we can finish in an evening, as well as a project that doesn’t require much cost. 
And then I had a light bulb moment!!
Here is what you can purchase at my favorite store - Anthropologie

COST $248.00
A beautiful ipad case made from a vintage painted canvas.


And here is what you can make for under $20.00

I made this case using pre-made painted canvases that I purchased.

First, I removed the canvas from the wood frame. I then made a pattern out of heavy paper.

I traced my pattern on the canvas, as well as on a piece of fabric for the lining. 

I sewed the two pieces together with the fabric lining inside.  I then adding a leather strap for closure. 

(back of case)

No worries if you don't have an IPAD. I think this would also be great for holding art supplies.   

I can't wait for the girls to get togther in a couple of weeks to make this project.  Some of the girls will be painting or decoupaging their own canvases and they will each be so different and unique that I can't wait to show you pictures on my next blog post.  Until then....


Diana Camomile Peck


  1. For the life of me - I can't get that faded small image off my post! lol

  2. I love this! Can't wait for art group Diana!

  3. wow I love it. I have a beautiful rose canvas I can rebirth into a iPad cover. Love love love!!!

    Thank you
    Jeanne-Marie aka

  4. this is going to be amazing fun Diana, i love your recreation!

  5. I love this idea...thank you so much for sharing! :D

  6. I can't wait- this will be so much fun! Love the idea.

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