Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Junkers Delight (My Favorite Shops in Salt Lake.)

     As some of you may know from my previous posts. I Love Junk! Here are some of my favorite shops around town to find it.
 I think one of my favorite shops in town, that has such an eclectic mix of vintage, primitive, retro, and new items, where I score almost every time I visit is emilie jayne 801 South 800 East  Salt Lake City. Also it has some of the most reasonable prices of the many shops I frequent.

At this gem you usually find just as many great items out on their sidewalk as you do in their store.
If digging around through aisles of doors, rows of windows, bins of rusty handles and chippy painted knobs is your thing, then  Georges Demolition and Salvage is the place for you! It's the perfect place to find birdhouse parts, shelf parts, old sinks and anything else to fit your "Junking" needs. George's address is 470 E. 900 South, SLC, UT

Abode (1720 S 900 E Salt Lake City)
 also carries vintage, retro, unusual finds at reasonable prices. I tend to find something most every time I go, but did I happen to mention that I Love Junk! re-purposed, reused,  reinvented and recycled! 
Abode 33500024 1000797482
This picture doesn't do justice for this fun store

Second Hand Chic on 2006 S 900 E # 1 is another fun place to visit that not only has collectibles and vintage items, but also has a great selection of clothing (Retro and new/gently worn).
Second Hand Chic, Salt Lake City, Utah - VintageSecond Hand Chic, Salt Lake City, Utah - Vintage
Second Hand Chic, Salt Lake City, Utah - Vintage

If you happen to be in the west side of downtown there's a great shop called Elemente at 353 West Pierpont Avenue,  Salt Lake City. They mostly specialize in vintage/modern and retro but you're libel to find other various antique finds at reasonable prices. (Very much worth a trip downtown!)

I love the storefront and feel of West Pierpont
Home Again is a fabulous shop because it always has an array of great consignment, 
 AND, if you can't find something in their Sugarhouse store on 2100 S 1019 E Salt Lake City,
It's in a great thriving Sugarhouse location!
you can always find something at their Midvale store on 7490 Holden Street, Midvale.
Home Again
I love the old Farm building they found for their store! It's so charming!
 The latest "Junking" destination, Dianna in our art group turned me on to is The Old Flamingo 3474 South 2300 East, East Millcreek (A co-op of  like minded collectors and artists that create new re-purposed items out of  much outdated decor) (Often termed Junk!)

This picture doesn't show all of the plastic flamingos they have in the yard.
Old Flamingo
Here's a sneak peek inside the store.

Well guys and gals I hope you can find many treasures and inspiration in some of my favorite Salt Lake shops and share some of your favorite hangouts with me! I'd love to hear about some new fun "Junking" destinations, so please do tell if you have a favorite Salt Lake locale! 

XOXO & Happy Junking, Shannon


  1. Thank you for all the info on inspiring places to visit in SLC! I will be visiting there around Labor Day, and am excited to check some of them out!!!!!

  2. Thanks for all the hard work in getting this post together, Shannon! Great info that I will be using :)
    Marilyn :)

  3. Sparkly Heart, how cool you'll be in town! It would be fun to meet up with you! Keep us posted if you have any free time!

  4. Shops such as these are usually at their best from now till Christmas because
    they've had a busy busy summer collecting. Noticed a few here I need to visit, thanks for sharing.