Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Surprises

Summer reflection!


Summer surprises!  By Deb Beeton

I love the quote from the movie Dan In Real Life when he says about life, "plan to be surprised!"
The summer is half over and it has been full of some unexpected surprises.  I have captured some in pictures!  These unexpected surprises have made for some memorable experiences as a family, this summer.  So glad we can record our experiences so we can go back and recall those moments of surprise and smile and laugh!  I hope you enjoy some of our pics!

We were on our 6500 mile trek in the RV in June.  All 8 of us. No kidding.  27 days,13 states.  In an RV.   Need I say more?  (Oh yeah!!!!.) We saw sites and learned a lot of American History and church history along the way.
Some of my most memorable sites were surprises along the way.  They were not so famous places, but interesting nonetheless.

 We were walking around the Boston Commons and this beautiful little yard caught my eye . Right in the middle of busy Boston, Ma.

We made an unexpected stop at beautiful Walden pond in Massachussetts!  My kids were not excited about another "stop" until they saw it and we took a dip with some friends! (They were happy about the stop afterward)

We went to the Plymoth Plantation in Massachussetts and stopped at a beautiful little park.  Look what came to greet us!

                           As we walked closer to a  pond in the park, we saw this quiet sight.
                                                                     Surprised us!

Look at this incredible antique french wall paper in Abraham Lincoln's bedroom!  Love it!

We got home from the big trip and Surprise!  Our bunny had babies!!

                            In Utah on the 4th of July we were doing our traditional water slide in  RockCanyon.                             Surprise! I didnt go down this year!

  My favorite aunt was showing me her beautiful flower garden (hydrangeas - also my favorite) Look how beautiful these colors are!

                              She told me to look at the nest in her lilac bush and look what I saw!


We went to oceanside for our yearly reunion and  Surprise! Russ got stung by a stingray in the ocean!  Doesnt look like much, we laugh now at how small the mark is.  (that tiny red mark) I guess sting rays really hurt. (We learned you must put your foot in the hottest water you can stand for 2 hours and it takes the venom out!)  Luckily no infection.

We love to get up in the morning and go walk on the beach.  Who doesnt love these moments?  We collected little surprises along the way. 

Wouldnt these be cool to put on a sailors box or in a mosaic?

While we were on our beach trip, oldest daughter's boyfriend came to meet us, now their engaged!  Surprise!

                                                                      I love these kids!!

 Maddie ( my oldest) getting married August 24th and Michael 19 leaving to Richmond, Virginia for two years!

Surprise! Life keeps moving on!   Good thing we made some fun memories together this summer!!

Happy Summer!


  1. congratulations on your missionary and your newly engaged. Is that our new stage in life, it seems like it. hugs and fun pictures.

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing trip! I LOVE all the sea glass you found! You'll have to make something cool with it. So cool to hear about your daughters engagement and your sons mission call.

  3. Such a beautiful time of life for your family Deb. Thank you for sharing your beautiful surprises!