Monday, July 23, 2012

Organize to suit! (Organization tip # 2)

      As I posted last month, I was getting a craft room finished and wanted to organize it in a different more catchy way than plastic type bins. I wanted my containers to have a vintage look and be out on shelves for me to look at as well as  store my favorite stashes.  If you don't know me by now, I have a bit of a hoarding tendency and have been collecting containers for awhile now. Old suitcases are among the many things I collect. Here are some of my finds.
Can you tell I LOVE old suitcases?

      I thought about storing old ribbons in one of my suitcases but it was always a mess so I built (once again with the help of my awesome husband) a "Ribbon Storage Suitcase".

Here's how-
  •   First, select a suitcase that's sturdy, deep enough for larger ribbon rolls, and one that you don't mind drilling holes in.
  •    Second, measure the holes in your ribbon spools so you can determine the size of dowels you will need for your ribbon to spin freely.
  •     Third, measure your suitcase to see how many rows of ribbon you'll be able to fit. *( Tip- You'll want your suitcase to be tall enough for the larger size spools of ribbon, enough space between dowels so spools will have plenty of room to unroll, and still be able to close.)
  •      Fourth, measure and cut your dowels to fit your suitcase crosswise so when your ribbon is on the dowel it will pull toward the front of the suitcase.
This used to be my grandmas old suitcase.

  •         Fifth, measure and drill holes in your suitcase, snug enough so your dowel won't turn with your ribbon but loose enough that you can take your dowels out to add new ribbon or take a roll off.
My awesome husband

  •      Sixth, arrange your ribbon to fit and insert dowels. *( Tip - You may need to give your dowel a tap on the end to get it started in your hole,)
Ribbons GALORE!!!

  •       finally, arrange your ribbon so it hangs over the edge of your case, store mini rolls or trims in the side pockets and close. Pull ribbon out as needed!  *(Final tip- if your suitcase closes a bit tight you can simply open the side you need the ribbon from, thus keeping the rest of the ribbon neat!)
They seem to roll out just right! (Maybe they'll even press out on the way. lol)
     Now I'll put my suitcase away on a special shelf built just for my treasures, (or junk as my husband likes to refer to it!)
Part of my awesome craft/work studio
      I'd love to hear or see creative ways you store your ribbon and other various craft supplies!

                                                 Have a blissful summer day, Shannon


  1. Love your idea for storing your ribbon Shannon- such a great idea. I store my ribbon in vintage glass jars- organized by color. I mix other cordinated color items with them, such as vintage flowers. I never want to use them because they look so pretty in the jars!!!!

  2. Très bonne idée de ranger les rubans dans des valises!!!