Friday, July 13, 2012

What do you do in the Summertime???

What do you do in the Summertime?  When all the world in green?  Do you swim in a stream or lazily dream and watch as the clouds go by???? Is that what you do??? So do I.
the last few weeks we have been on vacation enjoying the laziness of summer, catching up with family and friends, saluting America's flag, and standing in awe as children discover the beauty of the earth.

 I sometimes forget how magical summer is, the little miracles that happen every year.  Here is a baby bird that fell out of one of our nests, the girls found it and made it a home, they fed it with a medicine dropper.  I didn't have the heart to tell them what would happen next.

and cattle drives ( a major summer event in our little town).   I am a farm girl, and this is a beautiful sight to me, right outside our home we watch a few times a year as this farm families herd thecows right down old highway.  The cows usually run amuck through a few of the yards and cause a little havoc, but we don't mind a bit. 

To encourage family time and to make sure we do some of our favorite things in summer,we make a list of things we want to do.  Everyone contributes and we put it up somewhere so that we can see it everyday.  This is our list from 2010.  Usually i forget to take a picture.  I laugh that it says "go to Sonic" we love happy hour.  Another item on the list is have a camp out in the backyard, parents included, that is always a fun one!!!  

Here is a darling Summer list from this adorable blog

I hope you are crossing off some of those items on your Summer bucket list. 

 Here are few more of mine.

Make these Lemon buttermilk popsicles, to eat after a long bike ride.

Dreaming about this and the possibilities

and i am going to get better at this.

enjoy your summer and go out and cross a few things off your summer bucket list.


  1. Regarding the baby bird, take heart. Birds do not reject their young because of human scents; birds do not have a developed sense of smell. It's one of those stories that gets handed down over the years and is just not true. The best thing to do is let the mother bird find it, put it back in the nest, or call a wildlife expert. Some mother birds will search for a few days (really!) before giving up. Parent birds do a much better job of raising their young than we ever could. Yes, it is important to keep the little bird in a safe place till you can put it back. Unless something has already happened to the little fella, it really will be okay.

  2. this post is almost as cute as you dear candice! xoxo

  3. Such a darling post! That art room is amazing and the popsicles look divine!