Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is such a fun and quick activity to do with family and friends. All you need are a few simple supplies. Most importantly, a pair of tennis shoes.  
Along with some paint pens
 Iron on sequins
And Acrylic Paint
 Begin by painting a thin basecoat of acrylic paint on your shoes.  When paint is completely dry, you can then begin to design your shoes.  I thought it was easier to free hand a simple design directly on the shoe before filling it in with the paint pens.  You can also use stencils or carbon paper to trace a pattern.  Once you have your design then you can use your paint pens to fill in the design or write words.  When everything is completely dry, add your sequins.  All of the supplies are available at craft and fabric stores. 
handpainted by Maxwell
 I think you will love making them. Thanks for stopping by :)
Diana Camomile Peck


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