Friday, September 21, 2012


     Last time I posted about some of my favorite places to go junking in Salt Lake, and now I'll show you some of my cool new treasures I found at one of those places! Georges Salvage  Georges shop isn't open only but a few hours a week but I just happened to have a Saturday off work so we ran up. It's definitely an odd shop of sorts  that has isles jam packed to the ceiling with old doors, windows, hardware, lighting parts and many unexpected odds and ends mixed in. I think you'd have to visit fairly often because new items arrive daily. Just ask George what you're looking for and he might know where to find it! (If not, he'll search till he does.) Definitely worth a look see, and definitely worth a chat with George himself! He's quite the character! Well anyway enough about George, here are the treasures/junk I found there.
I needed lighting and a chair for my work room, and who can resist old lettering?
I thought this would make great storage space for sewing notions, and I always love vintage lighting.

I got this great architectural door jam to hang for a decoration over my bed.
This shows some of the amazing detail in the piece.
There were a  ton of these bright feed sacks with zippers and handles (For carrying more junk, lol).
Finally I got this cool door/mirror for my hallway.
 My tips for going to Georges are to, 1- wear grungy clothes because it's a bit dusty. 2- prepare to spend a lot of time rummaging through piles and aisles of stuff. 3- Don't hurry. 4-If you have something in mind but can't find it, ask George. 5- go again if you didn't find that special something you were looking for because chances are he just hasn't pulled out of some pile yet, and 6- Make sure to have a chat with George, he's a fun and interesting guy!
Happy Junking!!! Love, Shannon


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  2. Sorry Pollyanna, doesn't the link to Georges give you the address? I'll check now & if it doesn't, I'll post it here!

  3. Well, it worked when I posted it!?
    470 E 900 S salt lake
    Phone number (801) 539-1140

  4. Thanks so much, guess I didn't look at the link :-( Thanks for sharing!