Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hi There:) I am Diana Camomile Peck and I live in Salt Lake
City, Utah. I am a mother of 4 and a nana of 2.

Being a part of this Art Group and now with our new adventure of
the BEEHIVE ART SALON BLOG is very exciting! I feel blessed that once a month I
get to get together with some of the most amazing and talented women I have
ever known, to share ideas, talents, thoughts and recipes.

We have so much fun making new things and bonding friendships
with one another. I am so happy that we now have the ability to share with
others what I have been so fortunate to experience with my friends.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet the amazing Terri Brush.
She is extremely talented and not only does she travel the country teaching, I
was thrilled to find out she also now offers online classes. I could not have
signed up quick enough. I have always loved soldering, and I have a torch, but
I never really felt confident enough to do anything with it. That is until, I
took a class from Terri.

Terri taught me that I could take a simple sheet of brass, a brass strip, some wire, metal stamps and a torch and make some pretty amazing things.

I learned how to cut metal, form a bezel wire, solder, make dots and create a special piece of art that I love.
She also taught me how to etch metal, form a bracelet on an anvil, make my own links and create an awesome bracelet.
This little bird cage was so much fun to make. I love the raised wire that arches over the cage, and the vintage rhinestone.
I highly recommend anyone interested in learning to solder or use a torch take a class from Terri. She also teaches paper mache and working with paper clay. I can't wait for her next class to begin.


  1. So cool Diana!! I love your bird especially!

  2. Wow Diana- these are wonderful, such beautiful work!

  3. OMGosh, you are one talented girl!!!!

  4. I am in Terri's solder class too.... I agree, she is an awesome teacher!! Love your pieces!!

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  6. I adore your work! So pretty Diana! Love, Cheryl