Monday, April 16, 2012

Hidden Treasure Hunt

               One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to go into Cats Cradle antiques store (located in Provo Utah) and spend hours rummaging through baskets and drawers of  “Bags-O-Stuff” (bits of broken jewelry, buttons, watch parts, vintage millinery, etc.) I have been successful time and again finding fun pieces to then turn into my own accessories. I love creating new jewelry using vintage parts so this is the ideal shop for me!  

     You can also find pretty vintage trims, laces, buttons and many other parts and ideas for making art and mixed media projects.
       This past Christmas I really wanted my husband to get me a gift that was a total surprise because I knew everything I was getting, and he often just puts my presents unwrapped under the tree or in store sacks. I repeatedly hinted to him that I would love anything from Cats Cradle. I said I’d love a Bag-O-Stuff! Christmas morning came and to my dismay I didn’t see anything extra under the tree. He waited a few moments then proceeded to send me on a hidden treasure hunt. He told me to go downstairs to a room that would one day be my craft studio. He had hidden several perfect gifts! The first was an adorable (green with chippie paint) medicine cabinet for my craft room bathroom that said “Open me“.

Inside the cabinet were my very favorite treasure! Frozen Charlotte Dolls!!!
     I’m unsure why these dolls are so fascinating to me, but with all the electronic devises today such as iPads, video game controllers, TV, I imagine a much simpler life where little girls had tea parties and played with their tiny dolls without saying “Mom, we’re bored”. the little girls were so grateful they had these dolls to play with because often that was the only toy they had. I imagine making fun clothing for them, using tiny leftover scraps of lace.
               He also gave me these amazing sterling silver charms!

 Thankfully Glen and Gary at Cats Cradle Antiques were able to help my husband pick out the perfect surprise gifts! I can't wait to see what Glen brings in next!

Hi I'm Shannon Porter, I live in Springville, Utah, and I'm so blessed to be part of this amazing group of ladies! I met some of the ladies in our group while taking a PMC clay class from the talented Sherri Haab, and have been on an a fabulous artful journey since!


  1. Wonderful post Shannon! I can just imagine the surprise on your face when you found these treasures that your husband hid for you. I love the chippy cabinet.

  2. Thanks Lorraine! I cant wait to hang it in my new bathroom as soon as it gets painted!

  3. Surely anything else besides bags of stuff and a sweet old medicine cabinet would not have made you so happy! Good thing Santa does vintage! I love Springville, use to hang out there sometimes with my cousin growing up. Must make a stop sometime at cats cradle.
    I just brought in an original painted medicine cabinet with a glass front to my shop from an estate. Things like that I just want to keep.
    Nice Post Shannon!

  4. I loved your post Shannon. You did it! Yes! That was a neat idea for a gift. I would love that kind of a gift as well. I am going to have to suggest that to my husband for Christmas this year! Fun cabinet! XOXO