Thursday, November 1, 2012

Squash Pie

Whew!  Halloween is over!!  Everyone who knows me understands how much I dislike Halloween.  I'll never be Lorraine with her 'Cats' quality face painted or Julie with her fantastic beehive hairdo or Cheryl with her amazing Glinda the Goodwitch costume, or even have Emily's tat sleeve...
That's okay.  I'll just stick with the great holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Speaking of's so one of my favorite holidays.  I love the feeling of warmth and yummy smells and family gathered around.  What Thanksgiving traditions do you have at your house?  

One of ours is a pie.  Squash pie.  It's the queen of the gourd pies.  My sister-in-law Jennifer and I can eat an entire pie just standing at the counter and chatting.  I'm serious.  So here's our secret Elton Family Recipe:

1           pie shell
1 1/2     c cooked and mashed hubbard squash
1           c sugar
3           eggs, lightly beaten
3/4        c evaporated milk
1/4        c milk
1           T melted butter
1            t vanilla
1            t cornstarch (dissolved in milk)

Mix together ingredients and pour into pie shell.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

That's it.  Add a dollup of fresh whipped cream and YUM.  Do you have a secret family recipe?

Happy fall day!


  1. Lovely recipe! Thanks! I don't like Halloween, either. Never have.

  2. I liked Halloween when my kids were young, but when they outgrew trick-or-treating I kinda let it go...have never enjoyed the 'costume' thing, although I love seeing the creative efforts of others. This year, however, my friend who is a Halloween FANATIC held a party, and we really had fun. May rethink the holiday!!!!!
    Your pie sounds delish!!! Thanks for the recipe!

  3. You are the cutest Amanda! I still LOVE you even though you are a disliker of my FAVORITE holiday!