Tuesday, November 13, 2012



"Among many truths the speaker discussed,
 a woman needs to be told she is beautiful,"
  "She needs to be told she is valued.  She needs to be told she is worthwhile."
I am grateful for many people in my life.
Especially the beautiful girl you see in these pictures.
She is beautiful inside and out.
I adore her.
I wanted to give her something special.
And so I made this photo collage garland for her.
I printed these images from her Facebook Page.
I glued the images to heavy cardstock, and then covered the back with German music sheet paper. 
 I added some detail with pink thread in my sewing machine,
as well as scrapbook paper. 
I found words that perfectly describe her,
and surrounded them with German glass glitter. 
Wrapping each picture together with delicate wire,
 vintage crystals and pearls. 
It was a perfect gift for someone that I love so much
Diana Camomile Peck