Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Vintage Style-Halloween Paper Cone Assembleges

Hello my lovelies.  
It's that very special time of year that I love so much!  Beautiful Autumn with it's splendid colors. The air cool and crisp with winter tugging at it's heals.  And then there is Halloween, my favorite holiday!  I can't resist decorating for this magical event.  Fat orange pumpkins on the porch, skeletons hanging high with party hats.  It is quite the event at our house.  But it's not all ghosts and goblins.  Even the best of witches love pretty things. 

Like this sweet vintage style Halloween assembledge from Alice W.

Feeling like a crafty witch I thought it would be fun to make one too!
To make a paper cone create a cone template from sturdy cardstock.  Form your template into a cone and staple or tape to your desired size making sure to create a point at the bottom of your cone.

Gather your Halloween goodies to decorate your cone.  I keep mine stored in a large jar.  Tattered ribbons and trims, millinery leaves and flowers, ruffled crepe paper and vintage ephemera are all so wonderful to use.

Our Talented Julie has a lovely Etsy Shop filled to the brim with Fall goodies.  You can also find a beautiful selection of ribbons in our Marilyn's Etsy Shop as well.

Take the cone and begin layering.
I used a sheet of vintage music to begin my layer.  I added some ruffled seam binding at the top that I purchased from Julies Etsy shop. I also added some crepe paper ruffle at the bottom of the cone with ribbon and trim.   

I made a paper tag with a vintage photograph to trim the front of the paper cone.  

You can also scan the vintage photograph into your computer and add words through photoshop.  If you dont have photoshop take a picture of the photograph with your smart phone and add words from special apps like Phonto.  So much fun and addicting!

Finish your cone by adding ribbon to the top to hang and don't forget to add a spooky sweet message on the back of your tag for the recipient of your Halloween assembledge.

Happy Creating!

Like all crafty witches we like to share the goodness.  Leave a comment of the things you love about Halloween. We will pick a winner October 22nd to send a Halloween assembledge filled with some sweet things.  

xo Lorraine


  1. I love to see the really tiny ones when they come to Trick or Treat. Their expressions and timidness is priceless.

    1. Hi Denise. Since you were the only one who commented before the 22nd you win the prize!!!! Since Halloween is over would you like a Christmas cone or a Thanksgiving cone? Just let me know and send me your address as well. My email address is paperbird@ymail.com

  2. Lorraine,
    This is such a darling post. I love coming to your house for Halloween, and seeing all your beautiful creations.
    Happy Fall Day love the vintage cone it is adorable.

  3. Thank you Lorraine!
    I love this post :D
    I love the magic of memories that arrive!

  4. You are brilliant, love it all, just pinned the post for the adorable witch queen and also the holiday in a jar concept ... so fun and festive!