Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paper Clay Halloween

Last year around this time I had the opportunity to take a paper clay class with Terri Brush.  I loved working with paper clay.  It's inexpensive and fairly easy to work with.  This morning I thought it would be fun to make some paper clay pumpkins to add to some halloween treats we are delivering to neighbors.

To make the pumpkins all you need is the paper clay and some styrofoam balls.  I covered the balls with about a 1/4 inch thickness of the clay.  I then used a chopstick to carve the faces and added some clay for a stem.  I put the clay in my oven at 200 for about three hours.  The time you leave it in the oven for varies on how large your piece is.  If your pieces crack at all they are very easy to repair.  Just fill in the cracks with more paper clay and let them dry. 

After they are completely dry they are ready to paint.  I gave mine a base coat of white then painted them how I wanted.  Once they were dry I gave them a coat of antiquing medium.  I used Plaid brand antiquing medium #819.

They turned out very rustic looking.  So i will pretend that is the look I was going for.



  1. ADORABLE! I was JUST thinking last year I was in UTAH! I wanna come BACK! ..

  2. I love the expression you captured!
    So bootiful :D

  3. So very sweet Sherri... I love working with paper clay!